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My Thoughts On Fenty Beauty

Hello to all of you it's been a minute since I last posted and a lot of things have happened since then I have been. I know am a little late but better late than sorry right. Today I am going to be talking about the new Rihanna collection which is Fenty beauty and is going to give you guys a little bi8t of a background story so you know how I got this product. I really was not paying much attention to the whole Fenty beauty thing because I had already made up my mind that I would not be buying the line. This was not because of anything other than the fact that I just was not interested period. On the launch day, I did not really bother about it until I went to Instagram and snapchat that I got envious and decided to get it. After a while, i felt like there was no need for me trying because it will be sold out by now or so I thought I went to the website but it was still there but it was a little bit hard for me to match up my shade on the website because I felt like they were so similar. The next day I go to the mall and head over to Sephora just to check if they had Fenty beauty and yes they did that was a shock but am really happy that Rihanna stocked up properly and did not do the whole limited edition thing. This was such a good experience for me. I ended up getting two things out of the entire collection because it was not a planned purchase and the two things I got were the foundation and contour.



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Hey you all hope you are having a great summer vacation because i sure am having a good one. Its been a couple of days since i wrote my finals and i have actually been resting and sleeping because i was tired duh. So during this last month of April I decided to invest in to some new eye shadow pallets reason been that it had been a while since i got some and the sales were actually amazing. I really went a little crazy with the pallets so I got the Juvias Place Masquerade pallet, Bh Cosmetic warm marble pallet, Carly Bybel's deluxe pallet and a Z pallet. Yeah I know what your thing gurl that is crazy i know but i couldn't just help myself. I have had enough time to use this pallets and test them out so i believe i can honestly give you guys a review that is accurate so hope you enjoy this.





So its been a while since i posted so i wish you all a happy new year yeah!!!!!!!!!!!. So for this year I have decided to add another side to my blog which is giving reviews and sharing my favorite authors with you. So i stared reading novel when i was 14 and i have been reading for a really really long time i have a huge genre of novels i like so i guess i will have a novel for each and every one of you out there. I love me a good historical romance, LGBT romance, new adult, age gap romance OMG  i can keep writing for days i mostly read romance and most of my novels are for people 18+ so comment down below and inform me if you are younger and i will definitely look for books that suit you.
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I am actually really excited 😊 about this series which am starting on my blog because as an international student you have a different experience than others especially if you had never been in that country before I hope you enjoy this post because I enjoyed writing it.
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Hi lovelies, yeah i know its been a minute and i have received some messages asking where i have been i have been sick for a while  and i have stayed away for my laptop for a while. But its the season to be jolly and i cant wait to stump you all with new posts I promise to post as regularly as once a week.
So as the post goes i will be talking about my favorite lip products for the year because i am really big on lips even thou i always stick to browns,nudes and warm shades. That doesn't mean i don't wear colours doh!!!!!!!!!! well I have tried a lot of products tried different brands but I have some brands that are my absolute favorite and i will tell you a lot about these brands.They are Colour pop, Kylie Cosmetics,Mac and to be honest these are the brands that fill up my lip collection.

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This is basically me with the warm colours and i can assure you that the ultra matte lip stick are amazing omg guys i have been wearing this for the longest time and i tell you it is worth every $6 and for the price it is amazing,